How was it created and our mission:

The Sunday Project is a grass-roots food distribution program that began in Cite Soleil on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010.It was an initiative taken by Carel Pedre with the help of Tanya Lemaire and Karl Alexandre Jean Jeune. Cite Soleil is one the poorest section of the Port-Au-Prince metropolitan area. Carel,Tanya and Karl decided to surprise some of the children in Cite Soleil with delivering an Easter meal. The night before Carel hosted a fundraiser event at his house with his closests friends, he ended up collecting 250 Haitian Dollars. All three of them matched that amount with their own money, bought the food supplies, prepared the soup and fed approximately 150 children.

They thought that Easter Sunday was the only day they would be doing this: They were wrong. The response from the people was so overwhelming and they could not stop thinking about the little children; for many of them this was the only hot meal they received that week. They decided to try it again the following week and they fed a little more than they had on Easter. They have been back almost every Sunday since, feeding over 300 children of Cite Soleil that live in poverty and fear, giving them something to look forward to every week. 

The Sunday Project is about getting involved  and reaching out to people in our community by dedicating ourselves into different activities every Sunday(Food Distribution, Clothes and Shoes Drive,Blood Drive,Education, Medical relief).

That's the difference The Sunday Project wants to make with the help of our volunteers every sunday: building trust in people that have no reason to trust because they have been ignored for so long. This 'trust' and experiencing the kindness we've all shown that has no hidden agenda may very well influence how some of these children turn out later in life.

Psychologically, we are hoping to change Cite Soleil's children,maybe adults & young adults;and eventually expand our services to other affected areas in Haiti.

Thank you for joining our movement,
The Sunday Project "Because we care"